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Celková Tržní Kapitalizace Kč9,113,113,367,513
Celkový Objem 24h Kč19,213,611,325

RChain RChain star

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The RChain platform supports multiple blockchains both public and private, even on the same node. These blockchains are secured by the type of consensus protocol - proof-of-stake enabling the blockchains to interact securely and predictably. The Smart contracts are verified on Rchain and are written in RhoLang. Rholang contracts run on the Rho Virtual Machine - a concurrent execution engine that allows the applications to achieve significant speed and scalability.

RHOC is an ERC-20 Token that will work as the access token to those who want to support the development of the RChain Platform. It represents the value that the early adopters gave it by supporting the RChain project.

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Podíl na trhu 0.30%
Důkaz, typ
Otvírací cena (24h) 31.92
24h Min. cena 31.24
24h Max. cena 34.33
Cena v BTC 0.00017395434096 BTC
Aktuální Nabídky 870,663,552 RHOC
Celková Nabídka 1,000,000,000 RHOC
Tržní kapitalizace 27,672,113,270
24h Objem (mince) 0 RHOC
24h Objem (měna) 0
Naposledy aktualizováno 2018-05-21 19:42:01 +01:00 BST
ID Trh Typ Cena Množství Celkem
Datum Cena Objem

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