2330 kryptoměny
Celková Tržní Kapitalizace Kč9,121,184,575,876
Celkový Objem 24h Kč19,176,520,862

Nano Nano star

-7.90 (-6.37%)

RaiBlocks is designed to be a low latency, high throughput cryptocurrency. It builds on an analogy from the electrical engineering discipline by equating network consensus to arbiters circuits. This gives RaiBlocks an established and well researched modeling basis for how the system comes to a distributed, egalitarian, and efficient conclusion. In the RaiBlocks system, each account in the system has a block chain that is controlled only by them, all chains are replicated to all peers in the network, removing block intervals, mining, transaction fees.

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Podíl na trhu 0.17%
Důkaz, typ PoW
Otvírací cena (24h) 124.04
24h Min. cena 112.77
24h Max. cena 125.14
Cena v BTC 0.00063537799236 BTC
Aktuální Nabídky 133,248,288 XRB
Celková Nabídka 340,282,368 XRB
Tržní kapitalizace 15,476,473,228
24h Objem (mince) 2 XRB
24h Objem (měna) 286
Naposledy aktualizováno 2018-05-21 19:46:31 +01:00 BST
ID Trh Typ Cena Množství Celkem
Datum Cena Objem

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