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Celková Tržní Kapitalizace Kč4,190,414,566,203
Celkový Objem 24h Kč51,405,324,157

BMChain BMChain

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BMChain is an Ethereum-based social platform. The system will allow users to convert their experience, expressed by a personal reputation factor, into financial assets. For every action, such as writing posts, publishing materials, commenting, voting, sharing knowledge, etc. the project participant will receive a reward in the form of system tokens, which can be used to purchase the services and goods of other participants and partners of the platform or exchanged for other types of financial assets.

BMT is an ERC20 token that will also act as a financial asset and payment instrument on BMChain's platform.

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Otvírací cena (24h) 0.07
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Cena v BTC 0.00000064914471 BTC
Aktuální Nabídky 91,907,664 BMT
Celková Nabídka 1,000,000,000 BMT
Tržní kapitalizace 6,071,231
24h Objem (mince) 109 BMT
24h Objem (měna) 7
Naposledy aktualizováno 2018-11-21 03:20:52 +00:00 GMT
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